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Run Terminal in Docker

docker run -i -t ubuntu:latest /bin/bash

ES7 Async and Await Simplified

Promises have been the predominant solution to the “callback hell” issue with JavaScript, but starting with ES6, and now ES7 it is slowly being tucked behind the scenes to pave way for async and await.

Install Docker in Mac OSX

Docker is one of the “disruptive” technologies I have recently been watching. It is a great new paradigm for devops and deployment. I believe the future is on containers. Here’s a quick intro on installing it on your Mac OSX machine.

React and Flux Tips

Being that React is all about dynamic data and being that it handles performance very well, at the cost of more boilerplate code to write, I think it is important to focus on simplicity, very small modules, very small code and dynamic code generation. Hard-coding should be limited and be of a thing of a past.

2015? New Focus and Pursuits

The traditional “first!” on this blog. Quite a rebirth from my other blogs. This time, it will be a focus on my career in development and possibly (ultimate goal), entrepreneurship. This year 2015 should be a good year!