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Why Golang

I dabbled a bit of Go programming before, and after two years of not writing Go code, I decided to check it out. Alas, I fell in love, again. Why? Simply put, it is simple, yet complete. With so many layers, stacks, frameworks, libraries and opionionated “best practices” out there, there is strong cry from most of us that calls for a tool that is simple, yet complete. Too many tools try to achieve the “right thing” and “all things” or be “complete” framework, but end up being too complicated or too complex. With Go, syntax is concise and mostly everything is determined for you. In fact, it is built in to the language itself - for better or for worse. Its standard library achieves so much, you really don’t need to pull in another framework to do the job. It compiles to one binary, making deployments a breeze. Ok, that all sounds so “sale-sy” and cheesy. But of course, there are some drawbacks and depending on your day-to-day job, it could even slow you down (ie: JSON), but that is a post I’ll have to write someday, perhaps aptly titled “Why Not Golang”?

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