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How to Merge Multiple Commits into one Git Commit?

To do this, we use the command git rebase. Typically, it is used to:

  • Edit previous commit messages
  • Combine multiple commits into one
  • Delete or revert commits that are no longer necessary

Let’s work through an example.

Let’s say we already have an existing repository with a lot of commits. First, check your commit log:

git log --oneline

Now, let’s say we want to merge last 4 commits. Run git rebase with -i which means interactive and HEAD~4 which means to look at last 4 commits

git rebase -i HEAD~4

Something like this should show in your editor:

pick 43432432 my commit message to preserve
pick 43132132 my other commit message
pick 12353434 some commit message
pick 64554234 update something

If you’d like to squash all commits into “my commit message to preserve”, then change it into this:

pick 43432432 my commit message to preserve
f 43132132 my other commit message
f 12353434 some commit message
f 64554234 update something

Make sure you read the instructions git added as comments in your editor. Once satisfied, push to remote repository:

git pull origin master
git push origin master

Done? Yes, but a piece of advice here: this is considered a bad practice as it squashes commits and makes it difficult for everyone else that are using the repository. Do this at your own risk.

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