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Docker Run

What happens in a docker run command?

More specifically, what happens when you run this code: sudo docker run -i -t ubuntu /bin/bash?

Pulling from docs, this is what docker does:

  • Pulls the ubuntu image: docker checks for the presence of the ubuntu image and, if it doesn’t exist locally, then Docker downloads it from Docker Hub. If image exists, then Docker uses it.
  • Creates a new container: once docker has the image, it uses it to create a container.
  • Allocates a file system and mounts a read-write layer: The container is created in the file system and a read-write layer is added to the image.
  • Allocates a network/bridge interface: creates a network interface that allows the Docker container to talk to the local host.
  • Sets up an IP address: Finds and attaches an available IP address from a pool
  • Executes a process that you specify: runs your application, and
  • Captures and provides application output: connects and logs standard input, output and errors for you to see how your application is running.
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