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landscape company
"I have known JC for almost four years now. In our relationship, I have been witness of his enduring character complimented by his innovating creativity. His continued persistence for genuine creativity and flawless design are at the vanguard of web development." - Eli Roman, Owner

This is my most current work and the website is still under construction. I designed the website, and will be building the code, back-end, email system and a miniature cms using PHP as the back-end. (website is under construction; no current link to website; a design only item for now).
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New Haven Hospice Care, Inc
New Haven Hospice is an established hospice company based on Orange County. They set themselves apart through their personalized 24/7 care. After a few mockup designs here and here, this was the agreed final design. I did the design through Photoshop CS6 and did some fast prototyping using, then eventually coding the entire back-end in PHP using phpstorm. I structured the site semantically using HTML5 tags. I have an alternate CSS file for cross-browser compatibility all the way down to IE7+. I developed my own custom PHP framework, making this a miniature CMS for easy editing. I added animations using jQuery and a bit of custom JavaScript. Now that I have developed the website, the content are now on the organization's hands.

In addition, I have developed an Admission and Reporting application accessible only internally using ASP.NET WEB FORMS + SQL SERVER for the administration, then ASP.NET MVC for the reporting.
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dance company
Salsa Intocable
Salsa Intocable is an established and an award-winning dance company. They do workshops and shows in the city of Long Beach, CA. The client was very happy for this flyer. She wanted something that exudes: GLAMOUR, UPSCALE and EXCITING. On my first mockup, she liked it and so we continued from there coming towards this beautiful and intricate final design. I used Photoshop CS6 to do all the work, and spent a lot of time doing very intricate details, making every element count and be part of the entire reason why this flyer is upscale, exciting and glamourous.
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catering / events
Simply Pinoy Homestyle Cooking is a start-up catering and event business. They can make pretty much anything you can imagine and make the food delicious. They asked me to make their website due to my minimalistic and clean style. They wanted something modern and product-oriented. They were excited after seeing the mockup and now they love the design.visit site
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startup / personal project
websitepersonal projecthtml5phpjsonstart-up
This is my first start-up website. I consider it a private personal project for now and so only the landing page with a "coming soon" exists. I did the logo, design, concept and will be coding the back-end pretty soon. It will be free to sign up, so check it out!
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personal / portfolio
I wanted something more clean and able to be responsive on tablets. The prior design contained heavy JavaScript and skrollr.js plugin. As always, too much beautiful features have made the site slow on mobile devices and IE7 kept on throwing a tantrum, hence this final and clean design that you are visiting.visit site
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personal / portfolio
I made this website first with a vision to make a nice, beautiful and mesmerizing website through parallax technology. I made it, but didn't continue it due to cross-browser incompatibilities and mobile problems. Nonetheless, the magic is still there and you can check it out by visiting the link below.visit site
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non-profit / health
logodesignIllustrator CS62012
"The logo you created for me is phenomenal. With one glance a person can tell what my Non-Profit is all about"

The organization wanted a logo that represents their image of nutrition, fitness and a fun aura. I combined them all together and after many trials and mockups, ended with this final design. The client was happy and so mentioned the above quote.
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health / fitness
logodesignIllustrator CS62012
The client was ecstatic when he saw this finished logo. He said "this is the best logo I have ever seen!" The client enjoyed my creativity and talent that he became a recurring client for other design services.
church videos
Long Beach Church of Christ
After EffectsSpecial EffectsTypography
These are some videos I made for a church using Adobe After Effects along with some Photoshop editing. I have also implemented some 3D illusions and as well as typography. Check out more videos here:

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